Brilliant Version of Human Regenerator Covered With Diamonds will Cost You $10 Million

World Luxury Expo on September 27 in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace will showcase various luxury lifestyle products. However the highlight will be a anti-ageing device known as the ‘Human Regenerator’. This is an exclusive and unique product developed by the luxury high-tech company System4 Technologies GmbH. The Germany based company makes the device against orders only and don’t take more than 50 orders annually. The standard device comes with a price tag of $557,000, but the device to be displayed at the luxury expo is a limited edition design which is blinged version of the high tech device. If you want to slow down your ageing process, you might as well do it in the most brilliant device.

172,000 Individual Small Cut Diamonds Were Used to Cover the Device

System4 Technologies GmbH has announced that it is a diamond encrusted version of the device. It is a large device as it is supposed to accommodate a full size human body and to cover it in diamonds required a total of 6,880 carats of the precious stone. It adds up to almost 1.4 Kgs of small cut diamonds. A total of 172,000 individual pieces of small cut diamonds were set on the body of the Human Regenerator to cover it fully with diamonds. The end result is a brilliant piece of modern technology that promises eternal youth to the mankind. As expected, the price tag of the blinged device has zoomed to close to $10 million.

Human Regenerated Covered With Diamonds

The Device is Built Around a Technology Called Quantum Cell Code

The Human Regenerator weighs 128 Kgs and has been built in the shape of a bullet. One you get in it envelops you completely. It stands at 90 degrees so that your body stands horizontally to the ground. The device is built around a unique technology known as ‘Quantum Cell Code’ that imitates the body’s natural frequencies and generates longitudinal waves. It is a futuristic device that uses treated silicon and aluminum deposits to create the anti ageing effect. It is an intensive treatment but has many takers despite its high price. The desire to remain young is an integral part of human nature and money is a small price to pay for it.

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