Rare Swastika Ring Owned by Hitler to be Auctioned for $100,000

The Alexander Historical Auctions House in Maryland, known for selling Nazi memorabilia will be auctioning a rare and gaudy piece connected to Adolf Hitler directly. It is a swastika bearing ring that could fetch $100,000 as per the pre sales estimates. The ring is sure to be the highlight of the auction to be held next week. The ring was made 75 years ago for Hitler and he definitely owned it as it was recovered from his mountain retreat in Bavaria. However it cannot be confirmed if he actually wore it on any occasion. There are documents that confirm that the ring was specifically made for Hitler and the successful bidder will get them along with the ring.

Master Goldsmith and a Fanatical Nazi Karl Berthold Made the Ring

It is a haughty and gaudy ring that was made by master goldsmith Karl Berthold. He was known to be a fanatical Nazi and had kicked out all the Jewish craftsmen working for him in Frankfurt after Hitler took over power in 1933. The laws forbidding the Jews to take up gainful employment came much later but Karl was proactive in implementing the wishes of Der Fuhrer. Karl then wrote to Hitler about how he had fired the “Bolshevik-Jew servants” and that he was commissioned by a party functionary to make the ring for him. This document will accompany the ring at the auction.

Ruby Embeded Swastika Ring Made for Hitler

An American Soldier Had pocketed it When they Raided Berchtesgaden in 1945

The ring was discovered by the American troops in 1945 at Berchtesgaden which is a mountain retreat in Bavaria used by Hitler. One of the soldiers in the raiding party had pocketed the ring as a souvenir. He had sold the valuable ring on returning home. Over the years the ring has changed hands several times as it is an interesting item for any collector. The current owner of the ring died two years ago and his grandson is putting it up for auction. The Alexander Historical Auctions House has built up a reputation for locating rare memorabilia from the Nazi period and offering it for sale. Few years ago they had created a buzz by offering for sale the diaries of Auschwitz “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele. Josef was the doctor at the dreaded concentration camp and conducted abhorrent medical experiments on prisoners.

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