Emirates’ Mobile Ads for Onboard Private Suites Launched in The Cut

Emirates, the Dubai based airlines is launching first class suites on its long haul planes from October 1 and has started promoting the new exclusive service with some smart advertising. Emirates has successfully positioned itself as a high-end luxurious and stylish airlines. Smart advertising has played a significant role in building the brand in a relatively short time. They are also working consistently on creating innovative and luxurious products that differentiates it from other leading airlines. Aviation is a tough business to be in this uncertain economic environment. Advertising is necessary but it is important to ensure that every penny is targeted at the desired consumer. Emirates has released a mobile ad on New York magazine’s The Cut.

The New Service Available on Non-Stop New York Milan Flight

The Dubai based airlines is launching the new exclusive service on its non-stop flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Milan. Both destinations are fashion hubs and their advertisement aims to attract the people from the fashion industry. They are highly likely to be readers of The Cut and their ad is sure to attract their attention. Melody Adhami, president of Plastic Mobile, Toronto was highly appreciative of the fact that the mobile ad targets specific consumer demographics and has contextual value. It is sure to grab readers’ attention and encourage positive brand perception. The ad projects the brand as not only luxurious but stylish as well.

Ad of the Private Suite on Emirates Flight

Industry Experts Feel: Ad is Ideally Placed to Attract Targeted Audience

In the mobile as you see a woman relaxing in the first class suite and reading a book. You can also see a flute of Champagne and a large television screen showing models walking down a runway. It is sure to connect with The Cut’s content and its fashion minded readers. The airline hopes to reach a wider but targeted audience through this ad on the mobile site. The readers of The Cut are busy people who are on the go but like to catch up on their favorite magazine. Emirates has scored again through an ideal placement of their ad which will ensure that it stays top of mind among readers who have just finished reading an article. Private on-board suites are aimed at the elite flying passengers and the way the airline is promoting it, there will be a rush to be amongst the first guests in the private suites.

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