Most Expensive Toilet Paper

I guess everything gets bejewelled these days be it iPads, phones and what not. So it was only time that even toilet paper started getting the blinged up treatment. As strange as it sounds, a Japanese company has actually brought out a toilet paper that is packaged in boxes lined with intricate silver leaves. The price tag quite unsurprisingly is very very hefty at £11 per roll. Well atleast the toilet paper itself isn’t made of the precious metal. But the silver isn’t the only thing that makes this toilet paper so luxurious.

The brand, which brings out this super expensive toilet paper, is Hanebisho, and they use the finest wood fibre pulp sourced from Canada. It is then treated with the water from Nyodo river, which has been ranked as Japan’s cleanest water. The temperature is monitored very carefully, so that the paper doesn’t burn and comes out all smooth and soft. The company even says that this toilet paper makes you feel like your skin is being swathed in silk. The maker then signs his name and date on the toilet roll, which is then sent to the company head for inspection. And the man apparently has tested each and every roll on himself to ensure top notch quality.

most expensive toilet paper

They are also decorated with intricate patterns making them one of the prettiest toilet paper in the world, apart from being the most expensive. The company gifts this very special toilet paper to the Japanese monarch every year. It sure befits royalty. But royalty isn’t its only customer. People also buy them as gifts. One happy customer said that he bought it for his father on his birthday and the old man actually keeps the toilet paper on display in his living room! Who would have thought that toilet paper would one day become a showpiece!

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