Christie’s Out of the Ordinary Auction to Feature 155 Unique Lots

Christie’s has built its reputation on the kind of articles it is able to bring to its auctions. They are now raising the bar further by organizing an ‘Out of the Ordinary’ auction scheduled to be held on September 5th, 2013. They have managed to put together a collection of truly bizarre pieces. You can bid for a bronze death mask of Napolean from the Antommarchi cast circa 1833 which is estimated to fetch anywhere between $16,000 and $23,000. There would be a total of 155 lots on offer and everyone of them have a unique quality that makes them Out of the Ordinary.

Bronze death mask of Napolean

A 68 Million Year Old Triceratops Skull is the Oldest Item

Most of the lots have items that are being auctioned for the first time and it will be interesting for collectors to get an opportunity to actually own them. For example the Triceratops skull is about 68 million years old and was found in Montana in the United States. The unique item is 75in long and 88in high and is mounted on a stand. The pre sales estimates have valued it between $233,700 and $389,500. Triceratops has been one of the most easily recognized and iconic species of dinosaurs in studies spread over a century.

The Triceratops skull

Pinball Machines, Trojan Horse and Francis Bacon’s Brush are on Offer

The lower value items are also equally interesting. There are vintage pinball machines including an electro mechanical Olympics, Wizard and Captain Fantastic machine. The successful bids for these machines are expected to range between $5,300 and $15,000. There is a Trojan Horse on offer which has been designed and crafted by Anthony Dew. The horse made from Marine plywood features a hidden trapdoor like the one used in the Trojan War. The unique wooden horse is expected to fetch between $38,000 and $60,000. Another unique and unusual item on offer for auction is a lot of eight Francis Bacon’s paint brushes which he must have used in the year 1969. Even these brushes are expected to go for at least $31,000. There is a massive silver caviar dish on offer. It is believed to be the largest caviar dish in the world and has been valued between $120,000 and $150,000.
The Largest Silver Caviar Dish in the World

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