Scanning and 3-D Printing Technology Used to Create Life Like Statuettes

The development of 3-D printing technology and 360 degree scanning has made it possible to create your statue with stunning details. You don’t need to get your portrait painted as Twinkind, a new company based in Hamburg, Germany has leveraged the 3-D printing technology to create your statues which are as realistic as a photograph. The reproduction is absolutely faithful and realistic as the technology captures every detail of facial expressions, hair styles and even the folds in clothes. The only limitation of the technology today is that that the statue it reproduces is not life size but no bigger than 6 to 13 inches.

Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel Have Founded Twinkind

Twinkind was founded by two creatives Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel. They got the idea about this innovative project when they saw Omote in Tokyo which called itself the world’s first 3-D photo booth. They loved the way the booth produced little figurines. It got them thinking about further refining the technology to scan customers near instantaneously by machine so that the statues produced would be as realistic as possible. Timo Schaedel was conversant with the latest technology as he had worked as a director of effects-heavy TV commercials. They kept experimenting till they perfected the system that could photograph subjects in the round in a split second. And finally they were able to produce perfect replicas.

Lifelike Reproduction in Miniature Size

The Statuettes Can be Produced in Two Sizes 6″ and13″

The technology is sure to develop further opening the way to many more possibilities. Currently the technology suffers from some limitations. Materials, like silk, tulle, and chiffon tend to disturb the scanning software and hence should be avoided. Glasses also must be taken off. If you insist then Twinkind can reintroduce it digitally. They scan you in 360 degrees and then creates your digital likeness into a physical object with industrial-grade, powder-based 3-D printers. It is processed further by hand to ensure that all the details are as lifelike as possible. The details are simply stunning. The statues can be made in two sizes. The smaller one is roughly 6″ and costs around $300. The biggest statue you can get now is about 13″ and costs around $1,700.

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