$15 Million Yacht Adastra Receives Three Awards at Show Boats Design Awards

 ‘Adastra’, the high tech yacht with curved wings and a long pointed nose won three awards last week, including the Best Naval Architecture, at the prestigious Show Boats Design Awards held at a well attended event in Monaco. The futuristic design of the vessel looks more suited to space travel than the sea. The space-age yacht had earlier in the year received the award for the Most Innovative Design at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards. The super yacht has managed to impress the entire yachting world. The yacht valued at $15 million boasts of several innovative and high tech features including a complete controller loaded in an iPad.

The Yachting World Becomes Conscious About Reducing Fuel Consumption

The super yacht industry is generally very conservative and traditional but this unusual design which seems to be a cross between a spaceship and the Concorde aircraft has managed to impress the establishment and got their positive response. The industry is now becoming conscious about the need for reducing fuel consumption under pressure from ethical and environmental concerns. Adastra was designed and built over five years for Hong Kong based billionaire shipping magnate Anton Marden. He along with his wife can control the yacht through their iPad from up to 50 meters away. The super rich want their yachts to be different and full of flashy gadgets as it has become a toy for them.

Adastra Super Age Yacht

The Yacht is Capable of Traveling Long Distances Without Refueling

The new designs of super yachts on the market have a lot of space to accommodate jet skis, sailing boats, kayaks, paddle boards and other toys. Adastra’a naval architecture is also different as only 20% of the vessel is submerged in water. It faces less drag as compared to other super yachts and can reach top speeds of 43 kilometers per hour. The innovative design has helped reduce the fuel consumption of the yacht drastically which is only 14% of the yachts of the same size. It also enables the yacht to travel long distances without refueling. The interiors of the yacht including its five bedrooms and four bathrooms have been done up lavishly.

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