Most Expensive Car Wash is Priced at £100,000 by Ultimate Shine

It is difficult to imagine that car wash could cost over $150,000 (touted as most expensive car wash) as most of the cars cost less than that. Ultimate Shine based in Kirkcaldy, Scotland provides the most expensive car wash costing $160,000. Paul Wilkins who owns and runs the exclusive cleaning service has positioned it as the ultimate car cleaning experience. And there are many takers for his services despite the staggering price tag of £100,000. His clients are the owners of exclusive rides who avail of the services of Ultimate Shine twice or even thrice a year to keep their dream vehicle looking squeaky-clean through the year.

All Customers of Ultimate Shine Are Serious Car Collectors

The exclusive services of the Ultimate Shine are not aimed at the average car owner but rich car collectors who are passionate about their rare and expensive vehicles and are willing to pay anything to make their prized possessions looking their best. Wilkins has already provided this service to three customers during the last year. He believes that his customers found the service to be worth the price he is charging. His clients are serious car collectors who keep the cars in temperature controlled showrooms. Wilkins flies down to the location instead of getting the car down to his workshop.

Wilkins Working on a Car

It Could Take Several Months to Wash and Polish a Car

The ultimate shine process starts with decontamination of the body of the car and the wheels. The polishing of the entire bodywork of the car is an elaborate process which takes almost a month to complete. It is done repeatedly till all the defects are taken out. Wilkins makes sure that the bodywork is completely clear of any marks. He then goes over the bodywork with a special alcoholic cleaning agent to clear any oily stains left on the paint. To achieve the ultimate shine the car is then waxed. A special Carnauba wax is used for the purpose which is gathered from one of the tallest trees in Brazil. Different types of wax are used depending on the season to protect the car against elements. Wilkins keeps working on the car till he is fully satisfied and in one case he spent several months before he achieved the desired result.

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