Vianney Halter Designs the Star Trek Inspired Deep Space Tourbillon

Vianney Halter has brought out a very interesting watch recently, which is an ode to his love for Star Trek. Called the Deep Space Tourbillon, this timepiece has come out after a seven year hibernation of Halter. So was it worth the wait? You can judge for yourself. Halter is a big name in the world of high end steam punk watches and has played an important part in bringing popular culture as an inspiration for watch makers rather than sticking to age old ‘safe’ designs. He has earlier collaborated with Harry Winston to create a unique Opus 3 watch, though he never completed it. He is not famous for his punctuality.

This watch resembles its namesake, the Deep Space 9 spaceship and would make any Star Trek fan drool. The central part of the watch is a triple axis tourbllon, which is pretty hard to assemble. The design looks like a combination of the Gagarin Tourbillon and other complex tourbillons from the likes of Thomas Prescher or Girard Perregaux.

Vianney-Halter-Deep-Space-Tourbillon watch

Vianney-Halter-Deep-Space-Tourbillon watch

On the wrist it looks pretty big due to its sapphire crystal dome. Its case and components are in titanium, making it light. There are several spinning elements like the tourbillon, which spins every forty seconds. It is pretty rare to find central tourbillons, hence making this timepiece very unique. There is a black plate at the back that gives an illusion of empty space. The movement is caliber VH113 and the power reserve is 55 hours. There are two blue hands that indicate minute and hour. But this is not your regular watch for telling time. It is meant to be a work of art and it does duly impress us. It is not his best work, but it will definitely attract a lot of attention for his fans. The watch is available to those interested for 180,000 Swiss Francs.

Via: Ablogtowatch , Cnet

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