Most Expensive Champagne Priced at $1.8 Million Comes in Bottle Designed by Amosu

Goût de Diamants is the luxury Champagne brand that has taken the luxury quotient of its offerings to an extraordinary level. They recently announced the launch of their most expensive champagne. The packaging of the most exclusive offering has been designed by the highly acclaimed luxury designer Alexander Amosu. He is a young entrepreneur who turned his interest in technology and the mobile phone industry into a commercial success story. His target has always been the glamorous and sophisticated, rich and famous. The bottle he has designed for Goût de Diamants has been custom made for one of their private clients.

The Bottle is Truly Unique and Feels Very Expensive

Amosu has regularly impressed the elite and the rich with his unique and luxurious creations. The bottle he has designed is also unique and has been named the ‘Taste of Diamonds’. With a staggering price tag of£1,200,000 which is equivalent to about $1,829,000 it better be exclusive and unique. It is definitely one of its kind and has a vintage feel about it. When you hold it in your hand it does feel like you are holding something very expensive. If you see the details and its exclusive design elements you realize that the ultra high price is justified and that the bottle is worth every penny that you have to pay for it.

Gout de Diamants' Most Expensive Champagne

The Bottle Features Solid Gold Tag With Diamond on It

The thing that not just makes it exclusive but personalizes the bottle for you is that your name is engraved on a handmade 18 carat solid gold label, weighing 36 grams, mounted on the bottle. But the element that makes the bottle ultra luxurious is the single flawless deep cut white diamond weighing 19cts fitted at the center of an 18ct white gold superman-like tag that weighs an approx. 48gm. It is mounted on the body of the bottle and differentiates it from any other champagne bottle. The bottle is black which works as a perfect background for the golden tags. You will taste the champagne later but the ‘Taste of Diamonds’ really intrigues the senses.

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