World’s Most Expensive Golf Putter Worth £10,000 on Display at Glasgow

The Scotty Cameron club considered the world’s most expensive golf putter has come to Scotland and is on display. Golf is a game of the elite and there is a sense of luxury associated with it. Everything connected to the sport including accessories are designed to be luxurious as golf enthusiasts are generally affluent and don’t mind the heavy price tags. The Scotty Cameron GSS Timeless Putter is a one off handmade club and is worth around £10,000. The world’s most expensive golf putter is on display at the Pure Forged Golf in Glasgow. The golf enthusiasts can admire the genuine one off putter.

The Top of the Range Golf Set Costs as Much as £57,935

The Pure Forged Golf in Glasgow is a new center that also sells premium clubs which are the preferred choice of celebrities who take their golf very seriously. Danny De Vito and Jack Nicholson are known to be golf-mad and depend on Pure Forged Golf to source the best golf clubs. The top of the range set at the Pure Forged Golf could set you back by as much as £57,935. But the celebrity golfers are only concerned about the quality and not the price. They are willing to pay anything for what they want and Scotty Cameron can craft the club according to their requirement.

World's Most Expensive Golf-putter

Rare Putter Made by Scotty Cameron

Jamie McCormack, the Scotty Cameron’s fitter and master club maker believes that the price is right and the Timeless Putter is worth £10,000. He pointed out that it is not the only one of its kind but just one of a range of rare putters crafted by them. The putter has been put on display but is for sale. In the US clubs like these are generally bought through collectors. Mr. McCormack explained that they were not driven by the desire to make very expensive clubs but to make sets that would help everyone who are keen to improve their game. They are dedicated to keep improving the clubs they make and it is incidental that it ends up being the most expensive in the world.

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