Raffles Dubai Creates the Middle East’s Most Luxurious Floor on the 14th Floor

Raffles Dubai loves to do things in style even if they make it most expensive in the category. Earlier this year, they have introduced what they call the Middle East’s most luxurious floor. What they have done basically is that they have redesigned and redecorated the entire 14th floor as one luxurious unit. The new exclusive unit is spread over 21,500 square and takes up almost the entire floor. After the redesign the floor now has six rooms, a spa, hair salon, a meeting room, three private kitchens and a cinema that seats nine. You couldn’t really ask for anything more.

Raffles Dubai's Most Luxurious floor

The Amenities Provided Add to the Luxury of the Floor

There is more to it that makes it ultra luxurious and exclusive and provides the privacy that the elite are always looking for. The guests can access the floor through a private elevator. The guests on the floor will be serviced with a private limousine and a chauffeur. The exclusive floor also boasts of the services of a private chef and a dedicated butler. It features customized linens for that extra exclusive touch. The guests also get the benefit of 24 hour check-in. Raffles has not done it just to create an extra luxurious space but have made it to cater to a specific demand.

Every Corner Has Luxury Written on it

The Dubai Floor’ Will Cater to Luxury Travelers With Large Entourage

The luxury traveler in the Middle East often travels with a big entourage and ends up booking half a floor to accommodate all the members. ‘The Dubai Floor’ as the Raffles is calling the exclusive floor is aimed at this segment of travelers. It is perfect for a large entourage and since the guests will have the entire floor to themselves they will have the utmost privacy. Raffles is positioning it as the best space for large families, newlyweds and private screenings. All this luxury is sure to come at a steep price however, the tariff hasn’t been declared as yet. If you must make a rough estimate you must consider the fact that room rates at Raffles start at $1,295 for a night.

Cinema that Seats Nine

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