The Title of Highest Observation Deck Might Shift to Saudi Arabia from China

Emporis, the international provider of building data have compiled a list of world’s highest observation decks. The 828 meter tall skyscraper in Dubai, Burj Khalifa houses the observation deck named ‘At the Top’. But at a height of 452 meters At the Top is ranked third in the list. The leader of the pack is the Canton Tower which is actually the third tallest structure in the world. The observation deck in the building is at a height of 488 meters and has the honor of being the highest publicly accessible observation deck. It offers a clear view of Guangzhou and offers the visitors an opportunity to circle the top of tower in glass pods 460 meters above the ground.

The Skywalk 100 is Second Highest at 474 Meters

The Shanghai World Financial Center comes a close second. It features a 55-meter long glass bridge 474 meters up the tower, aptly named the Skywalk 100. However both these records will be displaced with the Shanghai Tower coming up in its neighborhood. The tower scheduled to be completed next year will feature an observation deck at a height of 557 meters. The tallest building in the United States is the Willis Tower which was built way back in 1974. They have recently added glass balconies with transparent floors that provide the experience of hovering 413 meters above the city. It is currently ranked number three in the list of world’s highest observation decks.

View From the Observation Deck in Burj-Khalifa

The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah Will be Over One Kilometer Tall

This is one list which is sure to change in future as more skyscraper projects are taken up across the world. Just last month a megaproject was taken up at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The construction work has started on Kingdom Tower which is designed to have a height of over a kilometer. An observation deck has been planned in the building at a height of around 800 meters. When completed, the Tower will enable the Saudi Kingdom to acquire the title of housing the world’s tallest building along with the world’s highest observation deck. However, it is a few years away as the opening of the tower is planned for 2018. But I am sure the view from that height will definitely be worth waiting for.

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