Bissol Creates a Mechanical Timepiece that Attaches to iPhone 5

Bissol, a watch brand of PTB Design Corporation has created a unique timepiece for mobiles. They have introduced the Bissol for iPhone5 and created a new horological category. It is an altogether new concept in horology that revolutionizes the way we look at time. It manages to push the boundaries of what a timepiece can be. Their new creation is aimed at those who are always looking to add sophisticated and stylish items to their smartphone to make it more exclusive and at the same time more useful. The timepiece attaches seamlessly to the iPhone 5 making it a little longer and different from the others.

Bissol for iphone5 Precision Mobile Timepiece

The Caliber 788 is Constructed With the Same Material as the Phone

The designers and engineers at Bissol have created a precision quartz driven timepiece and transformed the iPhone 5 into the ultimate accessory. To match it perfectly with the iPhone, the Caliber 788 has also been constructed from anodized aluminum like the phone. It has been crafted to have a sleek look but has been built robustly to last long. It is designed to show accurate and perfect time as it is driven by a quartz moon phase movement. Internally the timepiece features five jewels. The timepiece attaches so perfectly with the phone that it gives the impression of being one solid construction. The black or white finish and the rounded corners are exactly the same as the phone.

Bissol Calibre-788 Attaches Seamlessly with the Phone

The Pricing of the Unique Timepiece Not Announced Yet

Bissol has successfully combined the traditional watch making with modern technology. It is an innovative way of making a mechanical timepiece. The Caliber 788 by Bissol is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. The pricing of the accessory to the iPhone 5 has not been announced as yet. It is likely that the new creation will be appreciated more as a differentiator for the popular phone that everyone seems to have. The smartphone is designed to show accurate time and people might question the need to add a quartz movement to the phone. However you can’t really stop the designers from coming up new ideas to bling your accessories. Only time will tell if the Caliber 788 by Bissol will become a craze amongst the affluent consumers.

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