Xing Creates a Large Karaoke System JoySound Festa

Karaoke is big in Japan and the Japanese company Xing has created their latest on demand karaoke system Joy Sound Festa. It is basically a mobile entertainment system. It is perhaps the biggest machine made by Xing and has wheels to make it convenient to move it around. It is not simply a larger karaoke system but has raised the bar as it is powered by the Wii U’s hardware and software. Joysound Feta’s large console mod is controlled from the system’s Gamepad. We have seen game consoles modified for different purposes but this is a unique application with remarkable results.

The System Comes Loaded with 90,000 Songs and Various Other Videos

This karaoke system uses Wii U karaoke game Nintendo x JoySound Wii Karaoke U which sounds ungainly but has superb impact. The system comes with a monitor that can tilt for convenience of use. Since the system is large it has a corresponding enormous stand. The system comes with many microphones and various other contents. The system comes loaded with 90,000 songs along with exercise videos, vocal exercises, yoga clips and dance instructional clips. There are several other videos loaded in the system and you are sure to find something to your liking. There are useful things for kids as well like puzzles and quizzes and other brain training exercises.

Large Karaoke System by Xing


The Large Karaoke System Has Been Priced at $16,000

This giant of a karaoke system has not been developed as a consumer product to be sold to individual households. It is positioned as a commercial product and aimed at hotels and nursing homes where it will be used by multiple users simultaneously. The system is ready for commercial production and will become available for sale next month. It has been priced at 1,580,000 yen which is equivalent to about $16,000. The current production plan is aimed at the Japan market only and with its hefty price you can’t possibly hope to see it on eBay. However, if the response is good, it may be miniaturized and repositioned as a consumer product for sales worldwide.

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