The Counterbalanced Turntable Has No Vibration or Distortion

Hammacher Schlemmer have brought the perfect turntable for music lovers who still want to hear the music from their long playing records. They have positioned it as the world’s only counterbalanced turntable. The unique turntable is the result of prolonged research and development looking for perfection in sound reproduction. The idea was to eliminate any kind of vibration and maintain perfect speed of 33.3 or 45 rpm. What has finally come out of the effort is one of a kind fully suspended turntable. In order to minimize or fully eliminate the sonic aberration that is commonly generated by the regular consumer models, it uses dual counter-rotating platters. The theory is very simple but very effective.

Received Best Sound High Fidelity Award from Munich High End

The sound reproduced by the turntable has been appreciated by the industry experts as well. The counterbalanced turntable has received the Best Sound High Fidelity award from the renowned Munich High End, the largest high-end audio show in the world. Everyone in the show agreed that that this turntable provides the lowest noise floor of any turntable available so far. Apart from counter balancing the designers have taken other measures to reduce the vibration. Viton and silicone composite rings have been installed to isolate the turntable from its bottom platform and dampen all mechanical and environmental vibration. The plinths that hold the platter are also made from sonically dead composite to eliminate any chance of vibration.

Counterbalanced Turntable

There are Optical Sensors and CPU Controller to Ensure Right Rotation

The platters, each weighing 30 lbs, are made out of aluminum and very precisely machined to prevent any kind of imbalance. The top platter rotates clockwise as the vinyl record rests on it. Simultaneously the bottom platter rotates anti-clockwise to cancel torsional forces that otherwise cause fluctuations in rotational speed and distort music. Double hydraulic insulation is provided to further dampen the torque induced drag. The platters are powered by two Swiss made DC motors that run very quietly. To ensure a perfect speed of rotation there are optical sensors that relay the rotational speed every two rotations to a sophisticated CPU controller. In case of any variance it adjusts the voltage being supplied to the motors. The turntable is quite heavy weighing in at 90 lbs and quite pricey with a price tag of $28,000.

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