Backes & Strauss release the Victoria Princess Diamond Watch Featuring 604 Diamonds

Backes & Strauss, the oldest diamond company in the world has created the Victoria Princess Diamond watch, which has been evidently inspired by a 19th century brooch. Since the luxury watch industry is more focused on the men’s line this ladies’ precious watch has received a very enthusiastic response. The jeweler watchmaker has been flooded by pre orders since the exclusive design was unveiled. The wealthy buyers will have to wait in a queue as the watchmakers have a limited production plan of only five units per month. The detailing involved in the production requires patient craftsmanship and time. However, the design is so attractive that the watch is certain to be on the shopping list of wealthy ladies.

Backers & Strauss Victoria Princess diamond watch

Design Inspired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Relationship

The concept of the Princess Diamond watch is based on the strong relationship that prevailed between Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. It is said that the Queen had proposed to the Prince on their second meeting itself. She was totally smitten by the Prince and knew for sure that she wanted to marry him. This watch is a tribute to the Monarch and meant for the ladies who know what they want in their lives. The intervening hearts depicted in the watch conveys the strong relationship enjoyed by the Queen and the Prince.

Mother of Perl Dial of the Watch

212 Diamonds Used to Create the Intervening Hearts

The watch and its mechanism is housed in an 18k white gold case. The watch has been embellished with 604 ideal cut diamonds that together weigh about 5.5 carats. 212 of these diamonds create the image of the intervening hearts on the 35mm wide gold casing. The watchmaker is offering four choices for mother of pearl dials. The hands that show the time have been shaped like swords. The quartz movement is right at the center of the watch. This precious watch is unlikely to go near water but to be on the safe side the watchmakers have made it water resistant up to 30 meters. Backes & Strauss’ centuries of experience in diamond is evident from the choice of diamonds for the feminine design. The demand for this exclusive design is sure to keep the watch maker busy in the coming months.

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