Numi Comfort Height Toilet by Kohler is Higher and Pricier at $6,000

Kohler has been working consistently to bring back luxury to the toilet. Their Numi toilet has set the bench mark rather high. However, their latest release, the Numi Comfort Height is pushing the boundary further by incorporating more and more features in order to make going to the toilet a pleasant experience. There is so much work happening to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen. Kohler’s shower has a flipside showerhead that enhances the shower experience. Vibracoustic bath offers a majestic experience. Karbon kitchen faucets give your kitchen the ultra stylish look. You could go on with the new designer stuff you can install in your bathroom.

The New Edition of the Toilet Has Bluetooth Receiver and SD Card Reader

Kohler has priced its new Numi Comfort Height at $6,000. The new edition of the Numi toilet has enhanced features including a Bluetooth receiver for streaming tunes to your posterior. The toilet boasts of a SD card reader for importing playlists and personalized welcome greetings. A battery pack has been incorporated in the commode so that flushing is no problem in the dark. The designers have provided for ambient lighting to create the right mood. Kohler obviously considers going to the toilet a serious business. They are, no doubt, passionate about their work and have been enhancing the much neglected toilet.

Numi Comfort Height Toilet by Kohler

The Next Edition is Sure to Have More Features to Enhance Comfort

They have not plated it with gold to give you a feeling of luxury but incorporated elements that enhances the entire experience. Apart from cosmetic changes and features Kohler has lifted the seat of the new edition to a more comfortable 18 inches. There is a reason behind this modification. It has been studied that 18 inches is the perfect height that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. The new toilet by Kohler is practically a throne that provides you with an increased level of comfort. You can be sure that this will not be the last improvement that Kohler has done in its toilet. In fact their designers must already be working on newer elements and features that can be incorporated in the next edition to make it a better and more desirable toilet.

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