Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk Can Brew the Most Nuanced Cup of Coffee

Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk Coffee and Tea Brewer was first unveiled at the 2012 Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition (SCAA) and hit the bulls eye by claiming the Best new Product award. It is different from other coffee makers in the market as it is capable of quickly and repeatedly brewing coffee to very elaborate specifications. The makers of the wonder machine claim that you can practically engineer your coffee in this machine. The computerized coffee maker is aimed at the growing number of boutique coffee shops that cater to customers who are fussy about the way their coffee is brewed and consumed.

The Versatile Coffee Maker Can Brew Any Style of Coffee

The Steampunk has been designed to deliver coffee in any style right from French Press to pour over to siphon. All you have to do is configure the machine and set the controls of water temperature and pressure. The coffee maker has a steam boiler and an inbuilt computer that controls a wide range of parameters that influence the way the final coffee comes out. You can experiment with the machine to arrive at the perfect taste according to your liking and then program the coffee maker to reproduce as many cups of coffee the way you like it. The machine is easy to use and requires minimal training for the operators.

New Versatile Steampunk Coffee and Tea Brewer

The Steampunk Can Make Up To 80 Cups of Coffee in an Hour

Khristian Bombeck, founder of Alpha Dominche and a coffee shop owner himself has been working on developing and perfecting the Steampunk for the last four years. The latest version of the machine, Steampunk 4.0 can brew up to four different coffees at once and brew as many as 60 to 80 cups in an hour. The only thing it can’t do is make espresso coffee. La Colombe Torrefaction in New York City was the first specialty coffee shop to get the new machine. It has an impressive design with four distinctive chambers made of stainless steel and glass sprouting from the front. Beer taps and valves have been repurposed as coffee dispensing taps that are controlled by wooden tap handles. There is a touch screen panel in the center on top that controls the Steampunk and allows you to program the most nuanced cup of coffee you have ever tasted. The versatile coffee maker is priced at $15,000.

Via: gizmag, theverge

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