Tom Cruise Could be Flying into Space for £130,000

Tom Cruise has decided to consider flying into space at the right time as he has just completed making a sci-fi film Oblivion ( In any case even his Mission Impossible movies are no less then sci-fi). He is promoting his new movie and while responding to a query he said that he would consider spending £130,000 to fly into orbit and even hoped that he would meet an alien. He considers it to the fantasy of every one and said, “Who wouldn’t want to do something like that?” Since private space travel is new and yet to launch its maiden flight he would like to play it safe.

Ashton Kutcher Booked Himself on the Virgin Flight

He said, “I’m going to let a couple of other people test it out first but it would be great.” He elaborated on the point by saying that it was his dream as a kid to travel to different planets. He believed that by the time he grew up it would become possible to take trips to outer space and visit different planets. He isn’t the first celebrity or star from Hollywood with plans for space travel. Ashton Kutcher who carried the TV series Two and a Half Men with great élan has booked himself a seat on the first commercial flight to be undertaken by Virgin Galactic by paying them the required £130,000.

Tom Cruise to Fly in Space

His Religious Friends Believe that Aliens Called Xenu Brought Humans to Earth

The fact that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist was much discussed when his wife left him with his daughter citing it as the reason for marital discord. He said that his friends with similar belief think that it was the aliens called Xenu who brought humans to the earth about 75 million years ago. And Tom said you can’t brush aside the theory as it was always possible aliens exist somewhere. He said that though we have never met an alien, it would be arrogant on our part to think that we are the only ones in all the galaxies throughout the universe. Tom has had some training in the field as he was once in the Space Shuttle simulator at Nasa’s space centre in Houston, Texas.

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