Hovercraft Golf Cart by Bubba Watsons Sails Smoothly Over Grass and Water Alike

Golf is an elite sport and everything associated with it spells luxury, including the golf cart. We now have the BW1 which is a golf cart that operates like a hovercraft. There are a range of luxury golf carts and we have earlier talked about Garia, the multifunctional golf cart and even the luxury golf folio. There have often been experiments throughout and we saw a bike with golf trolley. The experiments are not limited to the carts but Maldives saw the development of a floating golf course. However the experiment and the concept of incorporating the hovercraft technology in a golf cart is way beyond ones imagination. The best part is that the technology seems to be most appropriate for a golf cart.

Hovercraft Golf Cart

Oakley Has Sponsored the Concept Developed by Bubba Watson

The BW1, the hovercraft golf cart has been developed by the PGA star Bubba Watson with the backing of Oakley. The concept has been developed from the point of view of a golfer who plays golf day in day out on different international golf courses around the world. The concept is amazing as the hovercraft golf cart can follow the ball anywhere, across the water and in the woods. And the best part is that it doesn’t leave a trace behind. If you find it difficult to believe you can check the video which has been uploaded on You Tube. It has been lapped up by millions of viewers on the social media platform. It has spread like a wildfire on the social web.

Sailing on Water

The Hovercraft Golf Cart Scores on Both Convenience and Performance

Bubba Watson and Oakley have developed an amazing concept but it is not clear if the concept can be taken up for commercial production anytime in the near future. The way it glides smoothly over grass and water alike it is sure to attract the attention of golfers all around the world. However the financial implications are not clear. One thing is certain that the price will not be an issue with billionaire golfers. It is a cool product that facilitates their movement on a golf course. In terms of performance and convenience it will always score much above any other luxury golf cart. We simply have to wait till plans are formalized for the commercial production of the fantastic concept.

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