Viks: The Stainless Steel Bike With a Quirky Design

Designer Indrek Nasuk has used stainless steel and imagination to create an interesting looking bike called the Viks. As a designer for Velonia Bicycles, an Estonian company, Nasuk has used all kinds of high end materials like carbon fiber to create bikes. But this time he has used something as simple as stainless steel, but has ended up creating something very special. The body as you can see moves away from the regular diamond shape frame and takes inspiration from ‘new school cafe racer-style motorcycles’. He used two tubular frames and connected at the head tube, bottom bracket and the seat tube. The end result was a Viks weighing in at 14Kgs or 31 lbs.

In the age of ultra light bicycles that sounds a bit too heavy but Indrek explains that the reason for this was his raw material. He used very thick tubes for his first model as they were all he could get hands on at the time. But the unique design was enough to catch eyeballs and soon people were asking him to make one for them. He has already pre-sold 7 bikes and the requests are still pouring in. For his newer pieces, he has obtained thinner tubes that he hopes will take the overall weight of the bikes to 10 Kgs or 22 lbs.

viks stainless steel bike


What is interesting about this bike is that it has no seat tube. Though Indrek has retained the standard 27.2mm seatpost, a seat clamp will have to be used here for adjusting the height. He started making the Viks not as a business project but as “fun little side kick”. However if the demand keeps rising, he is willing to keep on making them he Indrek believes, “building bikes is one of the best ways to spend time (besides riding them)”. He hasn’t decided upon the price as yet.

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