The Toughest Watch Can Survive a Blast from 10lbs of Plastic Explosives

The ‘toughest watch’ category will have to be created for the Triggerfish Bronze A2 watches created by Kaventsmann. We normally talk about the most expensive watches. And the watches that normally feature in the category are a Patek Phlippe watch or a Ralp Lauren watch. It could also feature watches with the Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon. I am not sure if toughness is a quality one looks for in a watch. However, Kaventsmann must have felt passionately about it and has created a practically indestructible timepiece which successfully survived a torture test with ten pounds of C4. A blast with so much explosive could kill almost everyone in a radius of few meters but the watch kept ticking. Only thing that indicated that the watch had survived a major explosion was a scratch on the crystal. You can’t possibly get tougher than that, but unfortunately the watch doesn’t add to the strength of the wearer or protect him in an explosion.

Bombproof Watch

The Watch With 20 mm Thick Case is Pressure Tested to 300 Bar

Triggerfish Bronze A2 boasts of a really thick 20 millimeter that gives it the protection to withstand a major explosion. The case has been pressure tested to 300 bar and is capable of working under water even at depths of 3,000 meters. The bombproof watch is special and is handcrafted by the owner of the company Michael Barahona Fernandez. It cannot be mass produced and a production plan has been made for only 30 pieces. The durability of the watch has been proven by U.S. Special Forces who had conducted the explosive detonation test with 10 pounds of C4.

The watch after the blast

The Case is Made From Metal Used for Making Load Bearing Plates for Bridges

The case of the watch is made from CuSn8 phosphor bronze, the material that is used for making the load bearing plates for bridges, and the strap by Dangerous9 matches perfectly the ruggedness and the sense of power that emanates from the watch. The proprietary crown design of the watch features quadruple redundant seals in order to ensure that there are no leakages. Since Michael Barahona Fernandez will be machining the case parts himself, only five time pieces will become available by the end of this month. You may connect to him on his facebook page. If you book your bombproof watch now you will be put on a waiting list and the watch will be shipped to you as and when it is ready. The tough watch is priced at €1,600.

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