Abercrombie & Kent’s Geoffrey Kent Takes you Across Africa in a Private Jet

Abercrombie & Kent is offering to take you across Africa in a private jet. The luxury tour operators who have been in the business for fifty years now have unrivaled on the ground presence in Africa. They can not only provide insider access but provide an experience that no one else can match. The itinerary and the package is called ‘Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet’. It truly covers the continent as guests travel to seven countries in 19 days. You get the feel of the continent in all its diversity. The destinations have been chosen with great care and places as diverse as the Serengeti, Victoria Falls and ancient Ethiopia have been chosen. Contrary to the generality of a trip around the world it is more focused in its approach.

Mountain Gorrilla in Uganda

The Guests Will Travel in a Private Chartered Boeing 737

You can expect a very exclusive and authentic experience and a very high level of service as Abercrombie & Kent has eleven offices in Africa staffed by veterans of the trade who have cultivated unparalleled connects over the years. The guests will travel in great comfort in a chartered Boeing 737. The jet has been refigured to carry a party of only 40 guests. It makes it possible to land at relatively smaller airports which are not accessible by larger commercial jets. The highlight of the package is the opportunity to spend three days in the Serengeti on safari with Geoffrey Kent, A&K’s founder and CEO.

Wildlife in Botswana

The Journey Starts From Ethiopia and Ends in South Africa

The first country on the itinerary is Ethiopia where the guests get to explore the remarkable rock-carved churches of Lalibela and meet with local dignitaries at a private cocktail reception. In Uganda you come face to face with the endangered mountain gorilla and meet the local Batwa tribe and discover their way of life. In Tanzania you go on a safari with A&K founder Geoffrey Kent. See the grandeur of Victoria falls from a helicopter in Zambia. Look for wildlife along the river in Botswana. Enjoy a meal under desert stars in Namibia. The tour ends in South Africa where the guests get to visit the Table Mountain and end the trip with a gala dinner at Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium. You can’t possibly get more of Africa in one trip.
Desert Dunes in Namibia

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