Wood Stove Makes a Comeback with Adriano Design’s CookinStack and Thermostack

Wood stoves are making a comeback as they are considered more eco-friendly. Adriano Design has created some elegant designs for indoor stoves which may not be the most expensive stove but could be the most effective. The designs were showcased at ISH 2013. They are calling it the Thermostack and CookinStack heating systems. The devices are designed to keep homes and personal places warm and their elegant design add to the aesthetics of your home. The new design which was highly appreciated at the ISH 2013 is an improvement on their earlier designs as they are more friendly to the environment. It is heartening to see that despite the growing trend of electric stove efforts are being made to better the traditional wood stove. The modular design of the new stove makes it very convenient to customize and fit into a home of any size.

CookinStack and Thermostack

Wood is Believed to Add to the Flavor of the Food Cooked on It

Wood is perhaps the oldest fuel used for cooking. It is said to add to the flavor of the food you cook on wood. CookinStack is a step towards reviving that age old tradition. However, it is contemporary in design and is eco-friendly to suit the needs of modern men. Adriano Design has used existing products innovatively to create a more effective design. They have combined the traditional stoves Castellamonte and the ‘Putage stove’. This has helped in keeping the fumes of the stove outside and controlled the pollution. The new device is easy to use. You can cook and heat up the interiors very conveniently.

Modular Design of Thermostack

The Design Won the 2013 ISH Design Plus Award at Frankfurt

CookinStack is the central system and the Thermostack is its extension. Thermostack is designed for heating up the interiors but depends on the CookinStack to generate the heat. The components of the heating system are modular which makes it very easy to assemble and convenient to customize. These modules are available in different colors to suit the color scheme of your home. The designs were showcased at the ISH Frankfurt water and energy fair which was held recently. The designs were highly appreciated for its effective use and minimal impact on the environment. In fact the design won the 2013 ISH Design Plus Award which will help attract the attention of the industry as well as potential users.

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