Most Expensive Modular Home Millard House Listed for $4.49 Million

Most expensive modular home in the world has been listed for sale for an asking price of $4.49 million. The real estate market is steadily regaining the ground it lost during the global economic crisis. Most expensive homes are back on the market the world over. We recently covered the listing of Heath Hall in London. Most expensive homes in the US are also finding buyers. This modular home which is known as the Millard House is located in Pasadena, California and was built by the renowned architect of his time Frank Lloyd Wright in 1923 for a book dealer for $17,000. The architect had used concrete blocks to build the house. He believed that his innovative approach would bring down the cost of home construction.

Millard House Built with Concrete Blocks

The Home is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Wright had used concrete blocks, each featuring a carved cross and square pattern to keep the cost low without compromising on the delicacy or the beauty of the home. The Millard House which Wright had named ‘La Miniatura’ is spread over 4,230 square meters and features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The luxurious home is ideal for the nature lovers as it has natural surroundings and landscaped greenery. The garden in the home was also designed by Wright himself and is inspired by Japanese style which he had picked on his visit to Japan. The modular home boasts of two kitchens, a servant’s room, reflecting pool and fireplaces. The modular home was the first to be built using the technique and is hence listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Garden has been designed in Japanese Style

The Design and Technique of Millard House Criticized by Media

The architect has used natural materials as much as possible and that’s why the structure blends with the nature. He was known to have a strong affinity towards natural fabrication for architecture. In 1926, the architect’s son Frank Lloyd Wright, who was an architect in his own right added a separate studio to the property premises. Since it was Wright’s first experiment with a new technique, there were teething troubles like seepage of water during rains. Once the basement got filled with muddy water and even the dining room was flooded. The architect studied all the problems and made necessary modifications to make the home trouble free and durable. Wright made several other homes in the Los Angeles County using the same technique. However, the media at the time criticized the design and construction of the home which they considered unfit for a rich person.

The Home has Natural Surroundings

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