Lamborghini and BMC Team Up to Create 50th Anniversary Edition Impec

Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary celebrations are continuing and BMC Swtzerland has come together with the Italian car maker once again to create the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec. The commemorative design will have a limited edition run of only 50 pieces and will be produced against order. This is an improvement over the earlier collaboration and the exclusive impec bicycle combines high end Italian components with Swiss made impec frame. The design of the bike is inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador dream car and you can see the same precision engineering and detail. The bike will complement the Lamborghini’s Anniversary model Veneno. 50th anniversary is an important milestone in any company’s life and Lamborghini is going all out to make it memorable.

Anniversary Impec Has Several Details From Aventador

BMC and Lamborghini are both known for perfection in whatever they produce. A race car and a race bike has a lot in common and both the companies have brought together their skills to produce a truly exclusive bike that will deliver world class performance on road or track. Apart from the color scheme the Anniversary bike has several other details that remind you of the Lamborghini Aventador. The bike’s cockpit for bar tape and saddle has been made from the same leather used for the car. The bike has a very authentic and exclusive feel which you won’t get anywhere else.

50th Anniversary Lamborghini Impec by BMC

BMC and Lamborghini Dealers are Booking Orders for the Bike

The exclusive Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec is a limited edition design and will be made to order. It has been priced at 25,000 Euros which is equivalent to $32,000. The entire international dealer network of both BMC and Lamborghini are taking the order for the new limited edition bike. The concerned dealer will deliver the bike when it is ready. BMC Switzerland has been making a wide range of bikes and produces them under three brands. Their new facility which has the latest cutting edge technologies became operational in 2010 and they are well equipped to serve all your cycling needs. Their collaboration with Lamborghini has been very successful and it is highly likely that they will team up for several other future projects.

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