McIntosh’s SoHo Audio System Designed by John Varvatos Up for Auction on Charity Buzz

It is the amplifier that finally determines the quality of the sound reproduced. The McIntosh Audio System enjoys an unmatched reputation in the field and is considered the ultimate home audio system. Some of their creations are collector’s item and are custom made to a designer’s specifications. The good news for the wealthy collectors is that McIntosh’s SoHo Audio system, designed by John Varvatos and crafted to perfection, has become accessible and is listed for auction on the Charity Buzz website. The pre sales estimates have valued the designer gizmo at $150,000.

McIntosh’s SoHo Audio System Provides Premium Audio Experience

The McIntosh’s SoHo Audio system has been designed for a premium audio experience. The exclusive sound system is expected to remain available on the site till after March 21. It is being auctioned for a noble cause as the proceeds from the auction will benefit an institution called Stuart’s House, which is working for the betterment of sexually abused children and their families. McIntosh as an audio brand has been the power behind some of the most important moments in music history and has become an inseparable part of pop culture. Their earlier top end models like the Integrated Table top system, 60th anniversary classic edition, or even the MCLK12 wall clock had also caught the imagination of audiophiles.

McIntosh x John Varvatos Custom Built SoHo Audio System

President of McIntosh will Escort the Winner Around the Factory

It’s a complete sound system that is on offer for auction. The 1,200-watt MC1.2kW power amplifiers are at the heart of the system. XRT1K Loudspeakers add to the power of McIntosh and deliver pure sound. In addition there is a C50 Stereo Preamplifier, a MEN220 Room Correction system, and an MPC1500 Power Conditioner that enhance the quality of the sound. There are source components for digital input as well as a MT5 Precision Turntable. The winner at the auction will receive white glove concierge level service and installation and will be invited to the McIntosh Factory in Binghamton, NY. McIntosh President, Charlie Randall will personally escort the winner around the factory and interact with world-renowned fashion designer, John Varvatos. The whole thing seems to be designed for a billionaire and if you are one then go ahead and bid for it.

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