3D Printed Gown Showcased at Private Runway Event at New York

3D printing has opened up new avenues of creative expression. The technology has fascinated the fashion industry as well and the designers are experimenting with it as the novelty of the technology excites them. Last year we had seen shoes with 3D printing and now we are seeing garments fully printed in 3D. Last Monday, Ace Hotel in Manhattan hosted a private runway event. Iconic model Dita Von Teese showcased a nylon mesh dress which was 3D printed. The gown inspired by Fibbonaci was designed by both Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti. It was a long distance collaboration as the designers lived on the opposite sides of the country.


Ditta Von Teese Mesmerized the Event With 3D Printed Gown

The designers through their collaborative effort hope to trigger a trend of 3D printed garments. There is a large customer base that is always interested in avant garde fashion and the 3D print is sure to attract their attention. Ditta Von Teese was the perfect model to showcase a garment like this. She mesmerized the audience at the hotel who simply couldn’t take their eyes off her. The designers were also very excited with the results of their experimentation. The garment has a futuristic feel and Bitonti believes that 3D printing would get into every industry. The gown conformed perfectly to Von Teese’s body and moved and flowed with her.

Ditta Von Teese in 3D Printed Gown

Machine is Replacing Craftsmanship Which is Time Consuming and Expensive

The designers were connected digitally and the dress was designed on an iPad. The design was sent to Shapeways in a digital format for 3D printing. Bitonti has some experience in 3D design. He worked with Maya, a high end design software. 2,633 independent rings were created for the body of the dress. They were laser sintered on an EOS P350 in 17 parts which were then manually assembled. Machine is taking over some of the refined craftsmanship which is too complicated and very expensive to execute. The runway event was a follow up of the Saturday’s ‘bespoke jewelry bazaar’ which also showcased some 3D printed jewelry.  style=”font-size: 10.0pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: ‘Verdana’,’sans-serif’;”>Shapeways Designer Evangelist Duann Scott is upbeat about the potential of 3D printing and its possible impact on the fashion market. This is just the beginning and newer ideas are sure to surface soon.

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