111 Skin Launches Anti Ageing Cream With Diamond Particles from Space

Looking good and presenting yourself in the best light is part of human nature. The ladies are particularly beauty conscious and they are always on the lookout for supplements and support that enhances their beauty. They are constantly fighting against the natural ageing process and are the biggest buyers of skin care products that help keep their skin looking fresh and young. 111 Skin, the groundbreaking label has created an extraordinary product that promises to keep your skin healthy and visibly younger. They have recently released their Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream which has some ingredients that has never been used before for a skin care product.

The Diamond Particles Formed in Space?

The Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream has been specifically made to nourish your skin and fight any signs of ageing. The not so rare ingredients in the cream are Hyaluronic acid, N-cystine and Centella Asiatica. They work effectively on the three layers of skin to replenish and rebuild the cells matrix. But this is not what differentiates the Black Diamond cream from the other creams cluttering the market. They have brought in an absolutely new element to the concept of skin care and used rare diamond particles believed to have formed in space. Experts in the field believe that it is a stroke of genius and the innovative use of the rare material has made their cream much superior to the others in the market.

111 Skin's Cream with Diamond Particles

The Particles are Microspheres that Penetrate the Deepest Layer of Skin

The black diamond particles are basically microspheres and that’s why they are able to penetrate the deeper dermal layer of the skin. It helps restore a youthful glow to your skin. Women’s love of diamond is well known and this cream will reinforce it further. This is a major step taken by the skin care industry and it has become possible because of advancement in technology. 111 Skin has been at the forefront in doing serious research and development in the field. The Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream promises to keep you looking younger. If you want to test the veracity of their promise you have to buy a 50ml bottle priced at $900.

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