Airbus ACJ319 is the Largest Corporate Jet Costing $87 Million

The corporate jet market is dominated by Gulf Stream, Bombardier and to a certain extent Boeing. Airbus, the makers of A380, is not competing in the mass market so to say, but has come up with an offering for the very top end. The ACJ319 jet has been outfitted by Airbus as a corporate jet aimed at billionaires. At $87 million the jet is not really affordable by millionaires. Care has been taken to provide everything that constitutes a billionaire lifestyle. The main lounge has long leather seats and couches with scatter pillows. The seats are cream colored, enhanced by a beige carpet and woodgrain tables and sideboards. It is no less than a luxury suite.

Lounge in the Corporate Jet

The Bathroom Has Sparkling Gold Taps and a Big Shower

The ambiance in the entire plane is such that a billionaire will feel at home. There are red roses in vases and champagne on ice. The lighting is soft as there are small lamps on coffee tables. There are wall mounted large TV screens on both ends of the lounge. Beyond the lounge is the dining area with a large dining table. The bedroom is just beyond the dining area. Apart from a double bed the room features wall mounted flat TV and a three seater sofa. The bathroom is very lavishly done with sparkling gold taps and a big shower. There is a private study attached to the bedroom.

Bedroom on the Corporate Jet

The ACJ319 Accommodates 19 Passengers in Royal Comfort

David Velupillai, Marketing Director of Airbus is very clear about his potential clientele. He confirms that they are targeting billionaires, governments and corporations that want to make an impression. The ACJ 319 is definitely the largest corporate jet in the market with a cabin height of 2.25 meters and a width of 3.7 meters. You don’t get to hear much about it as the buyers are generally very discreet and prefer to remain low profile. However there are rumors that one of the jets is being redesigned to accommodate a bowling alley. The jet is large enough to accommodate 124 passengers if fitted out as a commercial airliner. As a corporate jet it is configured to accommodate 19 passengers in royal comfort. The jet is on display at the Avalon Air Show in Australia and you can check the lavish interiors also if you have prior appointment.

Bathroom on the Corporate Jet

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