Australian Billionaire Announces Plans to Build a Replica of Titanic

The interest in Titanic had reached a feverish pitch last year as it was exactly a hundred years ago that the giant steamship ‘Royal Mail Steamer’, RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on 15th April 1912 on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg. Lot of Titanic memorabilia had appeared on the market. The interest in the iconic ship refuses to die down as an Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer announced his plans to get a replica of the doomed ship built which could sail by late 2016. He released the blueprints of the ship at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York. Mr. Palmer believes that Titanic links three continents and connects to every one of us on this planet.

Titanic II Will Have Modern Amenities, Navigation and Safety Systems

The construction of the new Titanic is scheduled to start in China soon. Clive palmer who is a mining tycoon also owns the shipping company Blue Star Line and the Titanic II is being built under their supervision. Though the new ship will be a replica of the original ship complete with four decorative smoke stacks, the rear-slanted funnels, it will be equipped with all the modern amenities and the latest state of the art navigation and safety systems. Mr. Palmer said that he would like to spend his money before he died instead of leaving it for his kids. He was reported to be worth $4 billion by the Australian BRW magazine however, Forbes according to its estimates had watered down his net worth to below one billion.

Titanic II

40,000 Applicants Have Shown Interest In Being Part of the Maiden Voyage

Titanic II will also sail from Southampton, England, to New York and complete the journey the ill fated ship had taken up. Mere announcement of the plans has generated tremendous interest and curiosity and Blue Star Line has already received 40,000 applications from people who want to be part of the maiden voyage. The passengers on this voyage will dress in the fashion of a century ago and will be served dishes from the original menu.Helen Benziger, the great granddaughter of Titanic survivor Margaret “Molly” Brown. Benziger has also joined the advisory board of Titanic II. Marine design company Deltamarin is designing the new ship and its Director assured the gathering that the diesel powered ship will be the safest cruise ship in the world.

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