Sonos Playbar: Home Theatre Quality Sound With a Single Soundbar

Playbar, the wireless soundbar by Sonos, is a treat for all those who want top notch quality when it comes to sound systems. Sonos is one of the best in the business in the field of wireless audio systems, and the quality and utility of their products is unquestionable. This wireless soundbar in particular has been designed to bring high-fidelity sound via a single player. It gets very cumbersome to place several subwoofers across the room to get that perfect Hi Def sound. It takes a lot of space and the speaker wires end up looking messy. But with the Sonos Playbar, you get that exact quality of sound without needing too much space.

Playbar’s built-in sensors allow the users to adjust the channel orientation and EQ automatically. Its nine individually amplified speakers placed under the hood send high quality sound waves across your room from your TV, video game or Laptop. Due to the lack of multiple woofers and wires, the setup is easy too. You can connect the TV to the Playbar through a single digital optical cable, and enjoy the richly textured music. The Playbar comes with a regular TV remote to adjust the volume and also a Sonos Controller app, which can be used with Apple devices, Androids or your PC.

sonos_playbar_an_iphone_controlled_wireless soundbar

This wireless system works very well within the larger Sonos wireless audio system family. This will be ideal for those who have been agonizing over the space that their speakers take. Fret no more. At $700, this HiFi wireless soundbar will bring an end to your problems and literally bring music to your ears. The Playbar will be available in the market from March 5 onwards. It definitely is pricey for a sound system, but its features could nudge some of you audiophiles to spend some dough on it.

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