The Fortress by Doettling: World’s Safest Safe

Doettling is considered to be one of the foremost names in luxury safe manufacturing. The German company has come out in the past with very well received creations like The Guardian from Doettling, which was the world’s first security luggage and the Doettling Colosimo, which was made exclusively to keep your expensive timepieces safe. Their latest creation is The Fortress, which they have dubbed as the safest luxury safe in the world.

So what makes The Fortress, a nightmare for burglars? It comes in the certified security class range of VdS/EN 3 to advanced VdS/EN 5. It is connected to a burglar alarm, which is a silent alarm feature as well. The safe consists of 8 watch winders that have been configured using a special software. The programming allows for infinite number of rotation options, including rotation’s direction. This safe also comes with an insurance cover of upto a $1 million. To ensure that all the items kept inside the safe are not damaged over time, the interiors have a humidor made out of Spanish cedar, wired with a humidifying system controlled electronically. The safe is also fitted with Wempe’s hygrometer and barometer, which provides accurate information about the humidity and air pressure.



The exteriors have been upholstered with black quilted calfskin. The Fortress also includes Colosimo’s two door safe on top to keep six of your most expensive timepieces. The people at Doettling do stick to their word, for this kind of insurance cover wont be possible if the insurance people weren’t sure of the safety levels of this safe. Most of us trust the bank safe with our precious jewels but for those rich folks who want to keep their prized possessions close to them can definitely opt for The Fortress. For most of us however, the price of this safe might be more than the value of all those possessions combined!


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