Boutique Fitness is the New Fashion Selling Much More than Workouts

Building a brand is important for any business but often it is a long drawn out process. If you can catch a trend on its upswing things become easier and a brand can consolidate its position rather quickly. Boutique fitness is the new fashion and it is no more just a workout but has developed into a lifestyle. Several boutique fitness brands have come up that are scaling up its reach beyond the actual workout. SoulCycle, the group cycling chain was one of the first in the field to develop itself like any other luxury brand. They have worked out high profile collaborations and sales are not a problem as they have access to a captive customer base. They sell $42 scented candles which is a collaboration with the interior designer Jonathan Adler.

The Fitness Studios Feature Non Workout Accessories

Soul Cycle now releases a new retail collection every month. Flywheel Sports, another growing brand with spinning studios in nine states and Dubai is focusing on non workout accessories and has hired a retail director. Lauren Boggi Goldenberg of Philadelphia based Lithe Method designs lace paneled leggings that sell for $95. In a short period of six years, 30% of their sales come from non core products and services. Charity Gonzlez of the Chicago based believes that the place where you workout defines your identity and your social circle. Gillian Casten, the founder of Rate Your Burn points out that the workout studio that helps change your body gains your trust.

More Than a Gym

Fitness Brands Diversifying into Beauty Products and Apparel

In case of Pure Barre, the 113 studios chain was persuaded by its customers to start selling its own label skin care line. They started in 2012 and were overwhelmed by the response. Sweat Shoppe in North Hollywood is also planning to develop organic beauty products. Mimi Benz the co-owner has moved from workout wear to clothes to wear around town which her customers find really cool. More and more brands are jumping onto the bandwagon and not only expanding the brand but consolidating it. If you see the sales figures of Soul Cycle’s screaming yellow nail polish you are bound to believe that a successful fitness brand can bottle anything and sell it.

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