Perla Penna’s Ultra Macho CAVIAR iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo Made from Titanium

Ever since the Apple iPhones were introduced, a slew of its more
luxurious cousins have emerged. The CAVIAR iPhones are one of them.
The owner Elijah Giacometti of the the jewelry brand, Perla Penna is
the brains behind this range of limited edition smartphones. The first
one came out in 2011 and were handcrafted with18-karat Italian gold
and embellished with exotic leather and jewels. The name Caviar as you
would know is borrowed from the expensive delicacy.

This Phone in Caviar Range Has a Titanium and Carbon Fiber Body

Since 2011, a number of interesting additions have been made to the
Caviar range. Each model that comes out is a limited edition and makes
ample use precious raw materials. Their latest offering is the CAVIAR
iPhone 5 Titano Diabolo, which is ideal for the alpha male with its
titanium and carbon fiber body. Giacometti has roped in Automobili
Lamborghini SpA who are specialists in this field. The logo is covered
with ruthenium, which is of the platinum group and appears almost
black. The interesting thing is that this metal does not even dissolve
in acids! These special iPhones come in a stylish leather casing and
can be engraved with a unique phone number.

New iPhone in the Caviar Range

Only 99 iPhones Have Been Made in This Category
The rear side of the phone has been made with MPE titanium grade DIN
3.7145 and automobile carbon Battaglin. Only 99 iPhones have been made
in this category. It comes with a hefty price tag of $4,260. If this
is too macho for your taste then you can have a look at their other
iPhones in the CAVIAR range, CAVIAR iPhone 5 Anaconda Rosa and CAVIAR
iPhone 5 Unico Alligatore LE among others. Although the price tag
appears quite steep, this is not even close to the 24 karat gold
plated iPhone 5 by Golden Dreams or the most expensive  iPhone 5 case
by UUnique London, priced at $302,985. I am curious to see what other
uber expensive avatar of the iPhone will be next.

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