Jack Armstrong to Unveil $1 Million CosmicStar Cruiser ARTBike at Canada Fest

Jack Armstrong who developed the art form that he calls Cosmic Extensionalism is ready to unveil the most expensive ARTBike called the CosmicStar Cruiser ARTBike. Priced at $1 million, the cosmic bike is all set to double the previous record for the most expensive bike held by a bike created by Damien Hirst for charity. It was sold for half a million dollars and has been holding the top spot on the list of the world’s most expensive bicycles. True to his style, Jack Armstrong is going to break the record with a bang. It is not for nothing that the experts of the art world believe that Armstrong is fast becoming the most famous artist on the planet.

Jack Is a Leading Figure of the Pop Art World

Andy Warhol had called Armstrong the ‘Last Wizard’. He is at the head of the visual art movement popularly known as pop art. He is a leading figure of the pop art world and has perfected a new style of his own which is being increasingly appreciated and respected by the critics and the collectors. The young artist has a long experience behind him as he has been painting since the age of five. In the 1990s he consolidated his position in the art world and gave the name of Cosmic Extensionalism to his distinctive and unique style. It was his confidence in his worth as an artist that made him purchase all his early work which he ultimately destroyed as they did not come to the level he had set for himself.

Jack Has Published 3 Art Books Containing His 100 Paintings

Jack has decided that he will be creating only 100 paintings in his lifetime. It has boosted his value for the collectors as he became the first artist to sell a painting for more than a million dollars off the mainstream gallery scene. He has already published three art books containing all his 100 paintings. Critics and collectors are unanimous in appreciating his style which has an intensity of texture, color and light. He has taken forward the style initiated by Pollock and de Kooning. His million dollar ARTBike will be unveiled at the Canada Fest on Dec. 8th 2012 at the Palm Springs Convention Center in CA. The surprise of the event will be his final unpublished painting titled ‘Future Magic’ which will serve as a backdrop for his bike.

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