Starbucks Brews Its Most Expensive Coffee Ever

Inflation has impacted our everyday coffee as well. Starbucks which typically serves a latté for around $4 has introduced a new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera and have priced a Grande sized cup for $7. The exclusive flavor comes from beans that are part of Starbucks’ reserve line and one of the most expensive black coffees served by the global chain. A Starbucks spokesperson was at hand to explain the higher price of the new offering by the chain. According to him the price has been determined by the market forces driven by supply and demand. It is a rare variety of green coffee that is not widely available. Never the less the demand is high for this exclusive coffee, hence the higher price.

Starbucks Sells Half Pound Bag of Finca Palmilers Beans for $40

The coffee lovers will appreciate the higher price point as they know that Geisha is a rare variety of coffee beans that grows only in parts of Central America and is different from other coffees because of its delicate fruity aroma. The red berry colored beans were originally grown in Ethiopia and later transplanted in Costa Rica in 1953. The distributors have a stranglehold on its trade and are able to jack up the prices easily. Starbuck sells a half pound bag of its Finca Palmilers beans for $40. The online customers bought the entire stock within 24 hours of the opening of the sale. There are other Geisha coffee products in the market that cost up to $60 for half a pound.

Oregon and Washington is the Hub of Starbucks Loyalists       

The Starbucks stores in Oregon and Washington boast of Clover coffee machines which are reserved for their fancier reserve lines only. These two states are considered to be the hub of Starbucks loyalists and coffee purists and this new exclusive variety is aimed at them. Leslie Wolford, a coffee specialist tasted the new brew and described it as a kaleidoscope of flavor. According to her it is lush and tropical with a hint of white and peach. It has herbal complexity with a hint of pineapple. A Seattle based lawyer, Melanie Overton who keeps a Starbucks themed blog finds it a soft juicy coffee. She found that the coffee gained a lush herbal flavor as it cooled.


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