Don Abbey Lists Two Super Luxury Residences for $78 Million Each

Real estate mogul Don Abbey of The Abbey Co. has listed two luxurious mansions and both for $78 million. These two super luxury residences were built over 18 years after an investment of almost $200 million. Each one of them seem to be greater than the other in its opulence and glory. The Bradbury, CA Estate is spread over eight acres and is located at 172, Bliss Canyon Road, Bradbury, CA 91008 and has been listed for an asking price of $78.8 million. The second one is the Flathead Lake, MT Estate which is basically a stone castle built on a 24 acre mound of granite on a private island. The mansion has 24,000 square feet of living space and has been listed for an asking price of $78 million.

Both the Estates are Self Contained Paradises

The listings are being handled by Don Hurwitz who specializes in handling the sale of the very high end properties around the world. He explained that Don Abbey did not build these residences for selling them but is now looking to downsize and doesn’t require a home larger than 20,000 square feet in size. The Abbey Company, founded in 1990 has grown over the years to become one of the most successful commercial real estate group in California. The group is known for its attention to detail and both the listed estates were built to accommodate Abbey’s love of finer things and outdoors activities. They are simply self contained paradises.

The Listing Agent Hopes to Attract Chinese Buyers

The estate in California boasts of a huge infinity pool and a temperature-controlled trout pond. The Montana property on the Shelter Island boasts of a boat docking system. Both the estates come with certified shooting ranges and the Montana property also has a clay shooting course. The materials used in creating both the properties are the finest available and the craftsmanship is of the highest order. One Italian marble fireplace in the Bradbury estate is worth $1 million. For building the Shelter Island mansion all the material and equipment were shipped from mainland lots which were bought to serve as staging areas. These lots are also part of the listing. Hurwitz is hopeful of getting Chinese buyers interested in the properties as they are increasingly looking to snap up high end homes just outside Los Angeles.

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