Hamilton Scott in Singapore Parks Your Car in Living Room

Singapore boasts of the most dense population of millionaires and billionaires in the world and the luxury high-rise apartment building, the Hamilton Scott has been designed with focus on them and their exclusive needs. The USP or the unique and unusual feature of the building is the ‘En Suite Sky Garages’ that allows the super rich to park their luxury cars next to their living room. These sky garages are housed in some of the most expensive real estate in Singapore. The cars are transported up to the apartment of the owner through a biometrically-controlled elevator.

Living Room Car Parking is The First Such Project in Singapore

Hamilton Scott is a 30 storey luxury building on the upscale Orchard Road and its car elevator feature is sure to appeal to passionate car lovers who would love to have their expensive and precious cars next to their living room even if they are living in the penthouse. There have been examples of car fanatics bringing in their favorite car into their homes as part of the over all décor. But it is a new trend to provide the parking space along with the apartment even in high rise buildings. It is certainly the first such project in Singapore and the resident millionaires and billionaires will surely appreciate it.

Now Selling the Expensive Apartments Become Easy

The 30 storey building has a total of 56 units and each of them are serviced by a glass elevator shaft that lifts cars into condo units and parks then, behind a glass wall, right next to living room. The building is targeted at the most affluent section of the Singapore population. It boasts of all the standard luxury features that you may expect including a state-of-the-art gym, meeting rooms, Jacuzzis and an outdoor pool. Naturally, the units in this building are expensive and the prices start from $9 million and the most expensive unit in the building will cost you as much as $24 million. But looking at the density of millionaires and billionaires in Singapore it wouldn’t be difficult to sell the apartments for the developer.

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