The Limited Edition Sentryman Swarovski Diamond Fountain Pen Unveiled by Alfred Dunhill

The Sentryman Swarovski Diamond Fountain Pen is amongst the most expensive pens released recently and is the result of a partnership between two luxury brands. Alfred Dunhill and Swarovski Crystals have come together to craft this beautiful writing device. It is pens like these that reaffirm the saying that a pen is mightier than a sword. The crystal studded pen is like a work of art that is to be admired and preserved. It is an exclusive creation that encourages you to ink your thoughts. It is much more than a conventional fountain pen as it has been blinged with 112 black diamonds and Swarovski black crystal.

The Logo Cap Features 112 Black Diamond

The design of the exclusive pen has been inspired by the British letter box and has been enhanced with 112 black-diamonds set in the logo cap. The barrel of the pen provides a perfect contrast to the sparkling cap as it is wrapped completely with Swarovski black crystal fabric. Swarovski has provided some of its best pieces to embellish the exclusive pen. There are very few examples of fountain pens that can match the brilliance of the Sentryman Swarovski Diamond Fountain Pen. The design, the craftsmanship and the material are all superior and out of the ordinary.

Only 112 Pieces Will be Made Available for Sale Worldwide

This exclusive design is conceived as a limited edition creation and a production run of only 112 pieces has been planned. This expensive pen will be made available in a lacquer box. Each pen will be accompanied with a limited edition certificate and its unique number. Every aspect of the pen is exclusive and makes it more desirable. It is truly a collector’s item and will gain in value over time. In any case, the pen is quite valuable even now as it carries a price tag of $5,000. Since limited numbers are available for distribution worldwide, it will be wise to book your pen early to avoid any disappointment.

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