Aeroloft on Boeing 747-8 Adds Almost 400 Sq Ft of Luxurious Space

The wide bodied jets allow you the opportunity to create luxurious interiors for flying comfort. Boeing has delivered its first BBJ 747-8 VIP aircraft that comes with a modular product they have named Aeroloft. It is installed as an extension of the upper deck and adds about 393 sq ft of space to the interiors of the jet. The modular product which has been patented has been developed by Washington State-based Greenpoint Technologies with the aim of providing a VIP sanctuary away from the main deck for additional relaxation and comfort. Aeroloft provides eight private sleeping berths with fully flat beds and a changing room.

Aeroloft on Boeing 747-8 Concept Welcomed by Commercial Airlines

This is the very top end of the private jet segment as a Boeing 747-8 costs a cool $350 million. Very often the clients tend to be Heads of State and they always require privacy and comfort. Aeroloft can be called a revolutionary product as it has added private space to the jet equal to a standard urban studio apartment. That kind of additional space on a private jet is invaluable and adds great value to it. The product has been designed primarily for private jets but I am sure the commercial airlines will be more than eager to add premium space to their jets that will help increase revenue and profits. It is, no doubt, one of the most innovative and exciting projects Boeing has worked on in recent times and is sure to receive enthusiastic response from all over the world.

Greenpoint Technologies Enjoys a Long Association with Boeing

The Aeroloft comes with custom designed interior furnishings and a forward entry staircase. Greenpoint Technologies which has created the Aeroloft was founded in 1988 in Kirkland and over the years has acquired the reputation of being a premium provider of turn-key VIP interior completions. They have a long association with Boeing and have worked to provide interior solutions for individual clients and different aircrafts. The Aeroloft was installed in the BBJ 747-8 by Boeing Global Transport & Executive Systems (GTES) at Wichita, Kansas after which it took off for Hamburg, Germany in order to have the rest of its interior installed by Lufthansa Technik. Two other 747-8s are being equipped with Aeroloft for other discerning clients. Boeing must be complemented for keeping the 40 year old Jumbo Jet relevant and exciting for the modern clients.

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