BMW and NeilPryde Create the Bayamo, a Bike for Trial Cyclists

Collaboration works well if both parties add value. When BMW, a brand known for its luxury cars and NeilPryde a brand known for sailing and windsurfing equipment came together to make bikes, it didn’t make sense to a lot of people. But in two years time the collaboration has flourished. BMW Group Designworks USA–a creative consultancy within BMW that takes on outside clients and NeilPryde announced their third line of bike frames, the Bayamo. The name may sound familiar to windsurfing enthusiasts as it is the name of a Caribbean coastal wind. The new design has been created with the specific needs of time trial cyclists in mind.

The Bayamo looks and Feels Like a Powerful Bike Frame

The announcement has got all the bike enthusiasts excited as they absorb the details of the new product. The collaboration is definitely proving to be beneficial for both partners as the joint venture is adding value to both brands and helping them remain competitive and stay ahead of rival brands. The Bayamo looks and feels like a powerful bike frame but is exceptionally light in weight. And to achieve this the makers opted for carbon fiber to make the frame. The press release accompanying the announcement points out that the silhouette of the bike frame appears substantial and flat from the side yet thin and light when viewed from the front or rear.

The Bayamo, This Bike has Gone Through  Rigorous Testing

The final shape of the frame has been arrived at after a series of rigorous testing. The bike has undergone wind-tunnel testing and NeilPryde’s computational fluid dynamic analysis. NeilPryde has all the required infrastructure as they do these testing and analysis for all the windsurfing and other water- and wind-based adventure equipment they make. The cables have not been allowed to mar the sleek look of the frame as they have all been tucked away inside the frame. It has also helped the bike in terms of an improved aerodynamics. The additional advantage in the new bike is its dropout mechanism for holding the wheel axels. It allows the riders to position the rear wheel with very close precision.

The Partnership was a Calculated Risk That Paid Off

The collaboration is also excited about its success and wants to develop it further. They seem to be working on it already as they have announced plans for an enhanced Bayamo+ line which will become available next year. As the name suggests, the new line will feature several additions. It will have a proprietary QFit system that helps cyclists keep track of their riding height and position easily. NeilPryde and BMW Group DesignworksUSA have used it earlier in other bikes and is basically a fitted rubber clamp. The bike industry has gained a lot from this collaboration as the designers of luxury cars and windsurfing equipment have brought a new perspective to a bike. There has been a cross-pollination of ideas which has given birth to a new bike that is strong and beautiful. The partnership could be called a risk that has paid off. The success will surely drive them to become more experimental and come up with unusual and exciting design. The Bayamo is ready for distribution and has been priced at $2,750. The Bayamo+ which is in the pipeline will be priced at $5,000.

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