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In March 2012, Tiger Woods ended his 30-month slump by picking up his first PGA Tour victory since September 2009. The former ace golfer’s career has been languishing since stories of his infidelities tumbled out of the closet in 2009. However, the slew of scandals has not really dented the wealth of this American millionaire. He continues to sit pretty with a net worth of $700 million.

Tiger Woods burst on to the professional golfing scene in the year 1996, however, his first professional tournament was in 1992. He has won 96 tournaments since then, which placed him in the big league of top American sportspersons. Tiger Woods broke many records on the golfing scene. His year 2000 British Open win made him the youngest player to complete the career Grand Slam of professional major championships. He was also only the fifth in the world to do so. When he won the Masters in 2001, he also became the first player to hold the titles of all four major professional championships simultaneously.

Tiger Woods is the son of a retired US army colonel (Earl Woods) and a Thai-origin mother (Kultida). He was born Eldrick Tont Woods in Cypress, California. The name Tiger, was a nickname given to him by his father, after a Vietnamese soldier friend with the same nickname. The boy certainly grew up to be a “tiger” on the golfing greens and one of the richest people in the world of sports.

Tiger Woods first game happened when he was as young as two years old. He was a child prodigy in the true sense of the term. His father Earl was once quoted as saying, “When Tiger was 6 months old, he would sit in our garage, watching me hit balls into a net. He had been assimilating his golf swing. When he got out of the high chair, he had a golf swing.” His long drive has been the envy of many of his peers.

On the personal front, the pro golfer married former Swedish model Elin Nordegren in October 2004. Tiger and Elin divorced in 2010 following highly publicized reports of his infidelities. The couple have two children, a five-year-old daughter named Sam Alexis Woods and a three-year-old son named Charlie Axel Woods.

Age: 36
Date of Birth: 30 December 1975
Place of Birth: California, USA
Occupation: Golfer
Net Worth: $700 million

Tiger Woods House

1. Windmere Mansion

The Tiger Woods home in Windmere, Florida proved to be the end of his marriage. It was here that Tiger Woods crashed his car in late 2009, which subsequently led to sex scandals toppling out of the millionaire golfer’s closet. At the time, the luxury mansion in Windmere was said to be worth $2.4 million. Since the Tiger Woods car crash, the millionaire sportsman has had to give up the home as part of his divorce settlement. The main residence on this luxury estate belonging to the celebrity millionaire occupies some 6,692 square feet. The property houses eight bedrooms and nine baths that are spread across three floors. As is expected in a home of this size, the property also boasts of a pool and landscaped gardens.

2. Jupiter Island Mansion

This Tiger Woods house is a property that would make most bachelors swoon. Tiger Woods bought the property in the year 2006. Back then, he was still married to Elin Nordegren. According to reports the millionaire golfer paid $40 million for an estate spanning 12 acres and housing a 9,000-square-foot residence. The couple tore down the existing house to create the new home from scratch. The beachfront home features a golf practice area in the yard. The short game facility on the property features four greens, six different-sized bunkers, a video center and a putting studio. This Tiger Woods house also boasts of swimming pools, basketball courts and tennis courts. There is also a large wine cellar on the premises.

Tiger Woods Cars

As one of the richest celebrities in the world and with millions to spare, Tiger Woods can afford some of the coolest and most luxurious cars in the world. In this section, we look at the millionaire golfer’s high-end car collection.

1. Lexus LS 460 Sedan

According to some reports, Tiger Woods did not buy the Lexus LS 460 Sedan. As one of the richest people in America he could easily have afforded the $60,000 price tag, but he did not need to purchase the luxurious sedan. The 2009 model was apparently gifted to American golfers during the US Open in June of the same year. Regarded as one of the fastest automobiles in the world, this Lexus model boasts of high-luxury trimmings. The steering wheel alone is a work of art, it features wood work and leather trim.

2. Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is a popular luxury car among the richest Americans. Tiger Woods is not the only American millionaire to own one of these babies. Even Jerry Seinfeld has one. Often regarded as a supercar, the Porsche Carrera GT was produced as a limited edition between the years 2004 and 2006. Only 1,270 units were produced during the time, a fact that hints at the exclusivity quotient of this high-end car. Moreover, only celebrity millionaires like Tiger Woods and Jerry Seinfeld can own million-dollar cars like this one.

3. Buick Enclave

Reports suggest that Tiger Woods’ favorite car is the Buick Enclave. In 2006, the millionaire golfer was the chosen driver to unveil the posh SUV. The golfer had himself sung praises for this luxury crossover SUV. He said that he loved the interiors and found it incredibly spacious. Tiger Woods’ words must have persuaded many potential luxury car buyers to switch their preferences to the Buick Enclave, whose starting price was in the region of $45,000.

4. Cadillac Escalade

If you saw any of Tiger Woods’ car accident pictures near his Florida home in late 2009, you would have recognized the golfer’s Cadillac Escalade. The car was believed to have sustained damage between $5,000 and $8,000 during the infamous car crash. The golfer’s Escalade was the brand’s largest EXT version, one that weighed a whopping 5,909 pounds. The Escalade is regarded as one of the safest cars on the road, however, accidents do happen. Apparently, the air bags did not deploy during Tiger Woods’ crash.

Tiger Woods Yacht

1. Privacy Yacht

Tiger Woods apparently bought the yacht as a gift for former wife Elin Nordegren in 2004. The private yacht was expected to be the venue for quality time with the family. However, things panned out differently. When Tiger Woods’ marriage to Elin broke down, the millionaire golfer decided to put the 155-foot yacht up for sale. Privacy yacht has been on the market since 2011. It was initially listed at $25 million, but the price has since dropped to $22 million. The luxury yacht accommodates up to 21 passengers plus a permanent crew of 13. It hosts a large bar on the deck, a workout room and a luxurious VIP stateroom among other things.

2. Solitude Yacht

Being a celebrity millionaire, Tiger Woods has had the best of everything. While most people hanker for one yacht, the golfer has two private yachts to his name. Reports suggest that the golfer purchased this luxury yacht for his former wife. However, following the divorce settlement, it appears that the golfing great got to keep the yacht. How do we know this? Because Tiger Woods was spotted holidaying with his kids onboard the Solitude in July last year. The 61-foot yacht cost a good $2-$3 million.

Tiger Woods Jet

An established an obviously wealthy athlete like Tiger Woods has several opportunities to spend his millions. Millionaire sportsmen like Tiger Woods are known to splurge on the ever-popular boys toys. We have already mentioned the cars and yachts; the golfer also owns a private jet. Private jets are a popular mode of travel among wealthy sportspersons, and Tiger Woods is no different. Several years ago, in the wake of a jet crash, Tiger Woods had defended his choice of traveling to tournaments in a private plane. He said, “If you’ve seen me at a golf tournament, you know how big a crowd I attract… It’s the same way at an airport. And, once I get to my seat on the plane, there’s no way I can sleep because people are always wanting autographs.” The millionaire golfer owns a Gulfstream G550. This business jet can seat up to 16 passengers and fly up to 12,000 km.

Tiger Woods Holidays

The official Tiger Woods online portal informs that Tiger Woods loves spending time on his boat. Clearly, this millionaire sportsman loves the water. Reports suggest that the golfer’s favorite holiday destination was the island of Cayo Espanto. Located just off the coast of Belize, this secluded private island houses a five-star resort that offers the utmost of luxury. The richest people of the world love heading to such places on vacations. The island is home to stunning green rainforests, virgin white sand beaches and plenty of natural beauty. There is plenty of opportunity for seaside adventures such as snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. Meanwhile, bird watchers can get their fill of avian wonders on the island.

Tiger Woods Brands

When his transgressions were revealed amidst full media frenzy, many of the brands that Tiger Woods was associated with decided to discard their links with this millionaire sports celebrity. However, some brands stuck on despite the golfer’s reported infidelities.

1. Nike

The sporting brand has a long association with Tiger Woods. In fact, much of the sales from Nike’s golf division is directly related to its association with the pro golfer. Everything from Tiger Woods shoes to apparel and other things attracts customers. However, Tiger Woods is not here for merely old times sake. It is reported that he takes home $30 million a year from his brand association with Nike. The money certainly adds to his millionaire status.

2. Tag Heuer

It is well known that Tiger Woods has a weakness for Tag Heuer watches. The millionaire sportsman is often spotted wearing these luxury watches on his wrist. However, the Swiss watch manufacturer seems to be just as enamored by this sporting great. The luxury watch brand made Tiger Woods its brand ambassador.

Tiger Woods Charities

A Tiger Woods biography would not be complete without the inclusion of the many charities with which Tiger Woods is associated. In this article, we list out four causes that are close to the heart of one of the richest athletes in the world. He may be one of the richest Americans around, but Tiger Woods is more than just a talented golfer.

1. Tiger Woods Foundation

Tiger Woods and his father Earl established this charitable organization way back in 1996. According to the official Tiger Woods online portal, the organization has reached out to some 10 million young people over the years. The foundation focuses on education through the Tiger Woods Learning Center (discussed below) and character development through the Tiger’s Action Plan. Not only that, the Tiger Woods Foundation also offers college scholarships to promising students, thanks to the Earl Woods Scholarship Program, named after the millionaire golfer’s father.

2. Tiger Woods Learning Center

The Tiger Woods Learning Center is part of the larger organization known as the Tiger Woods Foundation. Given that he has kids of his own, the millionaire golfer is well aware of the importance of education in the lives of children. Hence, in the year 2006, Tiger Woods helped start the Tiger Woods Learning Center at Anaheim, California. The center offers regular educational programs for students between grades 4 and 12. There are also summer programs, weekend programs and online course options. The school itself is located on a large property spanning 35,000 square feet.

3. Shriners Hospitals for Children

Tiger Woods has not limited his charitable efforts to solely the Tiger Woods Foundation. He is also closely associated with the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children. The Las Vegas tournament that now goes by the name of the Timberlake Shriners Open once recorded Tiger Woods’ first PGA Tour win. The Shriners Hospital network is spread across North America, providing free medical care to children under the age of 18. The hospital chain was helped over 800,000 young people, since the first Shriners Hospital was established in Los Angeles in 1922. It is a fine cause for the richest celebrities to be associated with.

4. Rainforest Restoration Fund

Millionaire golfer Tiger Woods is clearly dedicated to helping young people reach their greatest dreams. However, among the charities that he supports is the Rainforest Restoration Fund, an organization that has the environment’s interests at heart. This organization was begun in 1999 by musician Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, to raise awareness about the value of forests. The organization works to fight against programs that cause the most harm to forest areas around the world.

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