Anemone is the Elegant and Exclusive Eco-Chic Bed By Lavital

You must choose your bed very carefully as spend almost a third of your day in bed. Dutch manufacturer Lavital has recently released a new design of bed they call Anemone. Designed by Robert Kolenik, the bed boasts of some ultra luxurious features. Some cutting edge technology has been incorporated to make the use of bed more convenient and comfortable. It has features that will appeal to men and women and young and old. It provides a rich multimedia experience and also provides a dedicated space for storing your makeup. And on top of all this the luxurious bed uses sustainable material that makes it environment friendly.

The bed Designed By Robert Kolenik

Robert Kolenik, the designer, has managed to create a perfect balance between masculine appeal and feminine beauty. He has chosen a Bang & Olufsen, high-end automation and sound system and integrated it seamlessly with the bed to make it a part of the bed. Apart from the sound system several other features may be controlled through a simple smart phone. The bed has a wide appeal and particularly those who demand luxury that minimizes damage to our environment. Anemone has been designed like a perfect solution not only for sleeping but for enjoying restful moments that will help recharge you for the next day.

The Mattress Carries Your Name and Your Number

We can’t afford to compromise with sleep. It is a biological need of the body. A deep, restful sleep for a relatively shorter duration does more to revive your energies than a longer uncomfortable sleep. The eco-friendly tilt of the bed comes from its headboard that is made from eco-board panels. All the materials used for making the bed are of the highest quality that guarantees not only comfort but durability. And it is the attention to detail that is even more impressive. Even the stitching work adds to the beauty of the bed. The manufacturers are offering some customization options to suit individual preferences. The mattress is also personalized by putting the name of the buyer/owner on it apart from a unique registration number. Anemone has both exclusivity and elegance.

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