Farbod Barsum Releases The Mona, an Alligator Skin Handbag for $31,980

Farbod Barsum is a Los Angeles based design house that is committed to quality, luxury and refinement. Farbod Barsum, the designer has been successful in combining classical styling with a modern vision. He has designed some of the most expensive handbags that are crafted out of exotic skins. The design house claims to use some of the softest and most supple skins that are sourced from sustainable farms. They comply with all the international requirements and are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. Hermes, that makes some of the most expensive handbags seems to have some subconscious influence on Fabord Brasum as his bags are often compared to their bags like the Birkin and Passe Guide.

The Bags are Wearable handcrafted Art

Farbod Barsum handbags have created a space for themselves. Their ‘The Mona’ handbag in Strawberry American Alligator Ultrasoft Grade skin is the highlight of their wide range of artistic handbags that retails for $31,980. Celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Heidi Klum vouch for their bags and call it wearable handcrafted art. The bags are made entirely in the US which results in greater control in quality. They have a great team of talented craftsmen who are capable of experimenting and innovating and creating something unique in the process. And when they work with the best of materials including the hardware, the results are stunning that are at par with the best in the industry.

The Brand Also Offers a Wide Range of Accessories

The brand is relatively new as the fashion house was launched as recently as 2010. But in this short period the brand has made an impact with the collections they have brought out. Empress, Candis, and Mona are some of the signature handbag styles that have established the brand right at the high end of the market. The brand also offers accessories such as men’s and women’s wallets, key chains, car cases, belts and pens and they manage to bring the same attention to detail and finish to all of them. Their designs are aimed at the elite and those who love stylish products. Farbod Barsum has made a very impressive start and definitely have a very bright future.

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