The Ball and the Dinner Post Emmy Awards are the Biggest and the Most Expensive

Emmy Awards are the most prestigious awards for the television industry. The ball and the party that follow the awards event have become a much anticipated event in themselves. Patina Restaurant Group has been catering for both Governor’s Ball which follows the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Creative Arts Ball which follows the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. In the last sixteen years that they have been catering for the mega events they have perfected it as the biggest and perhaps the most expensive TV dinner. They cater to over 7,000 guests and create dishes only from a long and defined list of approved foods.

The Dishes Planned for This Year Were Previewed

There are few ingredients that they never touch including red beets, pork, shellfish and mustard. Even their use of garlic and onion are limited and is strictly monitored. They are careful to avoid anything that can stain, smell or is a common food allergy. They don’t want to risk anything going wrong at the dinner where practically every guest is a celebrity. As mentioned earlier. The dinners have become a much anticipated events in themselves and there is much curiosity amongst the people so Alec Lestr, executive chef of Patina Catering, presented this year’s three courses that he has planned at a sneak peak in North Hollywood. The preview saw a smoked salmon avocado sphere, roasted tenderloin and a selection of desserts including a raspberry macaroon lollipop.

The Mega Dinner is Prepared by 250 Cooks

A lot of planning goes into getting everything ready for the dinners but nothing is pre-cooked and almost everything is made to order by 250 cooks in a temperature controlled kitchen. The scale of the dinner and everything related with it is impressive. For the 3,800 guests on both evenings as many are lined up three times over the course of the night and that adds up to over 10,000 pieces of china, 1,425 pounds of filet Mignon and 3,800 avocados per night. Lestr also has vegan, vegetarian and paleo options to cater to specific demands of guests. He doesn’t take chances and has a cook stationed at a local supermarket with a phone to source anything that might be required. It is the biggest dinner of the year and as soon as one Emmy ends the preparation for the next one starts in right earnest.

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