SOL Republic headphone: When the Beats Rock Your World

When you listen to cheerful music with your headphones on your ears, you don’t have any right to make your cat feel down without giving it the needed attention. You can make your cat feel better even while listening to music. Sol Republic is successful on its mission to provide your feline melodious music that blocks the irritating barking as well as human sound. It will join you in your nodding with its headphones that exactly fit  the tiny ears.

SOL Republic, a headphone brand is teamed up with music producer/renowned DJ Deadmau5 and his favorite companion cat Professor Meowingtons pHd to produce cat head phones which are designed by digital artist Joshua Davis. Sol Republic’s headphones have good audio quality with pleasing designs. They look stylish on the ears and around the neck. Cats of all sizes are able to experience music which is easy to adjust. The exclusive cat headphones are durable with dog isolating technology. The company has created 10 headphones which are sold out already. All the proceeds of auction will go to a charitable institution called ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals) for good cause.

The gadget is styled on Tracks on-ear headphones which also has the technology of AMPs in-ear model. It features clear highs, deep bass and i4 sound engines. You could purchase them on line, at Canine Styles and Dave’s WEAR House in New York as well as at American Rag in Los Angeles. Due to mock infomercial sales of the headphones, the company has received eighty seven purchase requests within an hour of airing. The headphones are priced at $1000.


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