Pop Up Luxury Hotel Makes More Business Sense in Current Economic Scenario

Short term luxury accommodations at seasonal hot spots are in great demand and there are many companies that provide a temporary hotel that could pop up for major events. Surrey based Snoozebox and Somerset based Pop Up Hotel are some of them who specialize in this segment. They create glamorous and luxurious accommodations in the rural countryside and try and adapt it to the environment and the event. They see to it that their temporary hotel absorbs the local environment, culture, flora, fauna and architectural style as it helps the guests to connect to the place and the event. For example at the Glastonbury music festival last year Pop Up Hotel put a fire pit at the reception. The layout was convenient, the area was well lit and the accommodation was luxurious. Guests paid £1,000 for five nights for the cans tent. Pop Up Hotel is setting up its temporary hotel for next weekend’s CarFest. They have put up the accommodations just yards away from the entrance of Laverstoke Park Farm, the site of the event. It will be an experience for the guests to be able to smell the racing fuel and hear the cars in the distance from their luxury tents.

Luxury Destination Can be Created Anywhere

Berlin-based Design Hotels are specialists in creating infrastructure like pop-up shops and restaurants for one night events. Their CEO, Claus Sendlinger has gone ahead and set up their first temporary project in Mexico. He chose the Papaya Playa in Tulum which is known as a beachfront backpacker hangout. He has created a six month pop up using the 85 existing cabanas and turned it into a luxury destination without disturbing the area. They are operating a similar project in Mykonos, Greece which is located next to a popular nightclub. The luxury temporary project will be in place only till October. In the last six weeks of its existence the pop up will transform into an ashram with a temple-style design, meditation courses and energy healing. The rates start from $312 a night.

The Pop-Up Luxury Hotel Business is Expanding Globally

In the times of economic uncertainties the pop up concept makes even more sense from a hotelier’s point of view. Creating a permanent structure for a luxury hotel calls for significant investments and time. Even experts are unable to forecast with certainty as to what will be the demand scenario two or three years down the line. Creating temporary infrastructure to cater to peak season demand makes more business sense. However, handling power, plumbing and staffing for a temporary set up can be very challenging. But the opportunities are many and the existing players in the field are all thinking of expanding and creating a presence in other areas of the world. Working for government agencies in disaster areas or war zones is another opportunity that they are looking at seriously. Operating at different locations around the globe will allow them to follow the peak season from one place to the other so that their investments can be kept busy and productive year round. They promise a new and unique experience and are successful today because they offer top notch amenities. In most cases the guests are pleasantly surprised by what they see in the tent or the containers.

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