MB&F HM3 Frog Watch with Domes Shows Time at Any Angle

Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F) has developed as a boutique brand of high end watches. Some other luxury brands like Girard Perregaux and Louis Vuitton luxury watch have also carved a niche for themselves. But MB&F the renowned Swiss watch maker has managed to incorporate a child’s innocent playfulness into high end watch making. Their HM3 Frog watch and the HM3 Frog Zr timepiece in purple had amazed the people with its concept and the way it was turned into a watch. Maximilian Büsser, the watch designer has created a new timepiece and the inspiration is again a creature from the South American rain forest. The limited edition design of the new HM3 watch is based on the small yellow-banded poison dart frog from the family Dendrobatidae. This is a design which would make even Hublot luxury watch proud.

MB&F HM3 Frog Watch: Read the Time from Many Angles

This amphibian creature camouflages itself in the forest easily because of its patterned yellow and black skin. Similarly the new HM3 watch’s high-tech zirconium case is also disguised by a sleek, black colored layer of PVD. The hour and minute movements have been made into domes that look like the protruding eyes of the poisonous frog. These eyes enable the frog to have a 360 degree vision without moving its head. Similarly the hour and minute domes on the watch allow the wearer to read the time from a variety of angles without moving or turning the wrist. These domes have been machined to perfection from solid aluminum. The high grade aluminum provides the best strength to weight ratio. To keep the energy requirement to the minimum the thickness of the wall of the dome is machined down to a mere 0.28 mm and the total weight of each dome is brought down to just 0.5 gm.

The Limited Edition Timepiece Will Be Available at Hour Glass

A design like this requires precision and attention to detail. The two semi-spherical sapphire crystals that support the hour and minute domes are shaped and polished to achieve perfection. The minutest imperfection will get magnified by the dome. The mechanism that runs the watch is also fine tuned and hand finished giving it the precision required by a watch like this. This is an exclusive design as only ten pieces will be made. These timepieces will not be distributed through the world but will be available exclusively at the Hour Glass.

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